004 The Local Method – The Importance Of Copywriting

by Albert on January 23, 2012


The Local Method BadgeAfter a short break from producing the podcast, I am back with the first episode for 2012.

Today’s episode is about the importance of copywriting for your business. My guest is Gloria Rand who is a copywriter herself. She shares some of her experience and great tips on this important part of your marketing message.

Copywriting is often times thought as a mysterious skill by some people. It is also said if you read a headline or ad and it doesn’t seem like your being sold to, then that is a good bit of copywriting being done.

Here are just a few tips from the interview.

  • Copywriting is important because you have 3-5 seconds to capture people’s attention or else they are going to hit the back button or click off to somewhere else.
  • When writing your message have your target customers needs in mind.
  • Reviews and testimonials are so important in writing good copy.
  • Have clear and concise offers for your readers (Calls to action).
  • Have your phone number clearly displayed on your site.

Gloria also shares some resources for listeners of The Local Method to learn to become better copywriters for their own online and offline marketing:

We also get on to the topic of our favorite social networks. Some of our favorites right now are:

You can find out more about Gloria by visiting her at the links below:

Gloria Rand (Website), Facebook, Twitter

My Goals This Year For The Podcast

  • Deliver 1 quality episode per week
  • Grow ‘The Local Method’ community
  • Feature some listener feedback/questions in coming episodes
  • Offer a free personal Online Market Leadership Checklist Consultations (20-30 mins) to those interested in the future
  • Issue a Press Release to the local media here in Thunder Bay to raise awareness of the podcast for local businesses by the end of February (hold me to it)

If you are interested in finding out more about the Online Market Leadership Checklist (working name) mentioned on the podcast, drop me a line at: albert@TheLocalMethod.com

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