016 The Local Method – Getting The Most Out Of Your Facebook Page – An Interview With Alan Dickson Photography

by Albert on May 18, 2012


The Local Method

Facebook Makes It’s Stock Market Debut

Today is a special day in the world of tech. It is the day that Facebook takes it’s social network public on Nasdaq. It is big news with a ton of money at state. Many new millionaires are about to be created. It will be a one of those..”I remember that day when Facebook went public…” days.

On the show I even give you periodic “live” stock price updates. How is that for high tech? The price opened at $38 per share and expectations were high. Now, I don’t pretend to be some sort of financial expert but one thing is for sure, Facebook has held our attention and a lot of our free time over the past few years. And there are few signs of it slipping away anytime soon.

Some Facebook Fan Page Tips

It’s great local businesses are putting up fan pages on Facebook. Brick and mortar business is catching on. Still many of them seem uncertain how to make the best use of their fan pages. It’s not entirely their fault. They are busy running the show.

I want to share some easy Facebook tips to get your customers engaging with your brand. (That is where the money and loyalty are).

  • Don’t just post about your products you want people to buy. (That is boring and sucks!)
  • Use interesting pictures in almost every post.
  • Ask questions related to the benefits of your products. (Be creative around holidays for example)
  • Have “fill in the blank” posts. (This weekend I am going to _________.)
  • Post pictures of happy customers.
  • Do a “behind the scenes” series of your operation or your staff.
  • Use your phone to Record a video of the cool business you have.

If you want to see someone who gets loads of engagement on her page check out Mari Smith on Facebook. Use some of the strategies she is using. She wouldn’t mind.

Here is a great article for beginners on Facebook from Mashable.

This Week’s Interview

Heather & Alan Dickson

Alan Dickson of Alan Dickson Photography in Thunder Bay, Ontario is my guest this week on the show. I sat down with him in his gorgeous studio/house and we had a great chat about his beginnings as a photographer all the way through to today.  He runs his business with his graphics artist, his wife Heather, and has established himself as one of  Thunder Bay’s top photographers. Here’s some of the topics of our discussion:

  • His beginnings as a photographer
  • When he decided to go full time
  • What he started taking pictures of
  • His various studios through-out the years
  • How he diversified his skills to offer his clients more
  • How his blog helps his business and his thoughts on blogging
  • Why it’s important to keep learning by going to photography events and shows
  • Much more…

One of the things that was really interesting was how things have changed in the technology over the last 25 years but how some things in business will never change.

It was an insightful interview and I am glad I got to ask one of my clients to do the first of these Local Business interviews. (First of many to come).

You can find Alan Dickson Photography at the links below:

The Local Method News

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I have some really interesting guests lined up for the show. Keep coming back to find out more.


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