017 The Local Method – My Favorite Tools: Google Reader, Buffer & Tweetbot And A New And Quicker Way To Learn

by Albert on May 26, 2012


The Local MethodIn this episode we are going to look at some of my favourite tools I use online everyday. Then I have a great interview with a fellow Ontarian about his great service for all of us busy people who want to keep learning but find it hard to keep up.

Three Of My Favourite Tools For Market Leadership

Google Reader is one of the cornerstones of my system because it allows me to get all of the updates from my favourite sites sent to me. What this means is I no longer have to go hunt for information. I just open my google reader and all the new content is there.

(Please Note: This is NOT a detailed guide to setting up your Google Reader account. You may need to search YouTube for more detailed info. I may be offering training for my newsletter subscribers in the future.)

You will need a Gmail account to use it. Head over to www.reader.google.com and sign up for the free account. Once you do you can now start gathering the RSS Feeds from your best sites. (You will only have to do this once and then the updates will be sent to your Google Reader account)

When you visit your sites you will want to click on this graphic to add it’s feed to your Reader account.Now you can visit your Google Reader account and have the important updates just waiting for you.

Buffer is the social media tool that is “A smarter way to share information on your social networks.”

It’s concept is simple but very effective. You just put all of your updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn into Buffer and it will distribute them at optimal times though out the day automatically for you. You don’t have to be sitting at your computer doing it yourself. And believe me, it works.

Sign up for your Free account: www.bufferapp.com.

You will only need a paid account if you are putting more than 10 updates into your Buffer. Start with the Free and go from there.

Tweetbot is my iPhone Twitter Client of choice.

This is an app you can tell is made with a lot of love. It looks good, it’s functional and perhaps most importantly, it’s fast.

They have a great website that show you what a great job it does. Go check it out here: Tweetbot. It’s $2.99 at the App Store.

My Interview with Steve Cunningham, CEO of Polar Unlimited

Steve and I talk about his company Read It For Me. The tagline reads: Learn Faster, Go Further. It’s a new service on the market for people who want to keep learning but at the same time not spend forever doing it.

His service is truly unique in that it isn’t just an audio rehash of what his featured books are about. It’s the most important content from his featured books provided in memorable video form, actionable workbooks and special pdf’s that drive the lessons home.

We talk about how this business idea came about, the reaction to the service and some of the new things they are working on. Plus more.

He offers free and paid memberships. You can even get the paid version for 1 week free to see what it’s about.

Visit here to learn more (Affiliate): www.TheLocalMethod.com/read

Steve Cunningham

Steve Cunningham
Toronto, ON

Steve Cunningham is the President and CEO of Polar Unlimited based out of Toronto, ON. Polar specializes in social media and digital marketing strategy. Before taking the reigns at Polar, Steve was an economist, mathematician and lawyer. What does that have to do with digital communications and innovation?
Everything, if you consider that his background and training has equipped him with a unique view of the world and the ability to solve complex issues in elegant and simple ways.

Polar’s clients include some of the most progressive thinkers around, in the
healthcare, hi-tech, financial services and environmental industries. Clients and
colleages confirm that Steve has a unique ability to solve challenging business
issues in creative and innovative ways.

Steve is very active in the digital marketing space. He has written for Mashable,
the largest online publication dealing with social media with about 4.5 million
readers a month. He writes a two regular columns for the National Post, one on
marketing and one reviewing latest business books. Steve is also the founder of
Readitfor.me, a business and personal development platform that summarizes
the best books on those topics in an innovative and interactive fashion.
Readitfor.me reaches over 100,000 people weekly, and has subscribers in over
60 countries around the world.

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