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by Albert on August 18, 2012


Awesome video for your business is the topic of today’s podcast. My guest is the founder and CEO of Grumo Media and I have a 40 minute interview with him. He created the successfulcourse called: How To Create An Awesome Demo Video For Your Business.

We also talk about a very important topic regarding Google that I read and what your business has to do about it.

Google Now & Local Business


I read an article on some important advancement in how Google is presenting information to us and about what it means to local business. Since I help local businesses with this sometimes complicated stuff I wanted to share that article with you, the listener of The Local Method.

Here is a summary:

  • Google is introducing a new age of search called: Google Now
  • Context means having your devices (phones) anticipating what you need before you ask for it
  • Soon over 50% of searches will be mobile
  • *Google+ is not a social network *Google+ IS Google (implying everything would be unified under Google+) – once you sign into Youtube and Gmail guess what? You are on google plus
  • My advice is to get your business page on Google Plus right away

Here is the article by Ed Dale: Google Now

How To Make Awesome Videos With Miguel Hernandez


Miguel Hernandez started making awesome videos in an effort to promote his own start up. Here is the video that got the attention of other startups. Hipmunk

Other companies saw the way he worked his magic and they wanted him to make awesome videos for them. He quickly realized there was a market for demo videos. He made $500 on his first video which took him two weeks to produce and hasn’t looked back.

You don’t have to be Pixar to make effective videos. In other words the production doesn’t have to be a Hollywood budget to be effective. The magic is in the story and in the script. There has to be personality in the video and connect with the viewer. Put a smile on their face at least once.

Doing It All Yourself And Learning To Delegate


Miguel talks about the transition of letting control go and delegating his production. Once you start delegating you can get exponential results if you change your mindset. Build a business that can run by itself.

Sole founders are so busy working in their business that they don’t think about where they want to take their business. Not seeing the big picture. This is a big mistake.

Your Script Is Most Important

The Script has 3 main parts

  1. Explaining the problem
  2. Introducing your solution, explaining what it does and why it’s so great
  3. Call to action


Videos for local businesses


Short live action videos work the best. Interview the owner. Shoot a “B Roll” of the shop or the process. Then have the owner talk about the business and then have a call to action.

Brick and mortar businesses will create more of an attachment with their customers when you can see the place and the people working there.

Listener questions:

Leanne Golan
: (Q) Can I make great videos with my iPhone or do I have to buy more expensive equipment. (A) The short answer is Yes, you can make great videos on your iPhone. The tool isn’t as important as what you do with it. If the lighting is right, the script is good and the post production is good then your video will rock.

Rav Chaudhary: (Q) Can you provide a list of resources for making good videos and equipment?  (A) Check out “How To Create Awesome Demo Videos For Your Business on: Udemy

Miguel uses the main social sites but he gets the best feedback on Facebook. Usually within minutes. He suggests publishing  good content and don’t self-promote too much. Post regularly and use all the main social media sites. His trick is using the helpful tool Hootsuite.

Special Discount On Miguel’s Courses


Take Miguel up on his offer to get a special The Local Method discount on his courses by sending him an email to miguel@grumomedia.com and mention you heard about his offer on The Local Method Podcast.

Here are the fantastic courses available:

  • How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business
  • How to Create an Awesome Online Course
  • How to Create a Successful WordPress Site

Grumo Media
Miguel on Twitter
Miguel on LinkedIn 

Miguel Hernandez is the CEO of Grumo Media which he founded in October 2010.

Miguel has over 10 years of experience in multimedia production and has created promotional videos for cool startups like Hipmunk, inDinero, Ashton Kutcher, Faronics, Clipboard, VideoGenie, Buy4.com, Olo.com, and big companies like Microsoft and Walmart.

Miguel’s many passions have taken him from his original love for mechanical engineering, to 3D animator, all the way to music video director, and web application developer.

Miguel has always had passion for film, technology, and startups.

Miguel was born in Bilbao, Spain and relocated to Vancouver, Canada in 1996 with most of his family

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