027 The Local Method – How To Get Your Business On Pinterest & Why You Should Write A Kindle Book

by Albert on September 7, 2012


On this episode we are going to be talking with Tamara Patzer about Pinterest, Google Plus Local and Kindle Publishing. She shares with us her experiences and real life examples of how she is putting all of this into place for her business clients. By the end of the show you will have many ideas to be able to plug into your business.

On A Personal Note….

It’s Autumn in Thunder Bay and that means the kids are back to school. This is their first week back and they handled it well. This time of year has always been my favorite. Not only is the temperature comfortably cool, as long as you wear a sweater sometimes, the scenery is great for listening to my favorite podcasts while I walk outside and enjoy the beautiful colours in this part of the world.

On Being More Productive

This time of year also signals something in me to get back to work. To get serious. To take some major steps toward my goals. It must be all the years of starting school again. I am not sure. With this motivation nudging me on, I decided to move my home office around late one night last weekend. I wanted to have a better place to record my videos. Before the move you could see my treadmill, couch and random other items scattered out behind me. Now, I have a nice clean white wall behind me. I tell you, I feel more productive already.

If your feeling stuck, pick up your work space and change it up. Freshen it up with something new. Face your desk a different way. Use your imagination. It may be the boost in productivity you need.

Shout-Out Of The Week

This week I want to thank George Dunlap for his iTunes rating and his review. It’s very much appreciated. Feel free to check out George’s Website. If you say “Hello” be sure to mention The Local Method sent you.

My friend Erik J Fisher has launched his own podcast and he is Crushing It. It’s called Beyond The To Do List. I highly recommend it because the content has been superb and the guests have been top notch. Here is the description from the iTunes Store:

Join your host Erik Fisher, as he talks to successful friends and influencers about how they manage their time, prioritize their tasks and take steps to avoid burnout.

iTunes: Beyond The To Do List
Website: www.beyondthetodolist.com
Erik on The Local Method: How Universities Use Social Media & Landing Your Dream Job

On Pinterest And Kindle Publishing

Hearing about all the latest razzle dazzle of what you should be doing with your business online is all fine and good. Frankly, there is a lot we all could be doing but aren’t. Sometimes I would bet you may not even believe any of this internet stuff even works. I am about to change that for you.

I would like to introduce my guest, Tamara Patzer.

Tamara shares with us some real life examples of how Pinterest can be used to boost visitors to your site and even make sales. We then go on to have an in depth conversation about how she became a Kindle publisher and how you can do the same. I am serious. You can be a Kindle Publisher too. Check out her Kindle book: Ask Tami:Pinterest for Local Business Marketing (Aff Link).

If you are interested in learning how to publish a book on Kindle, Tamara suggests you join us on this Private Facebook group. It has some smart cookies when it comes to Kindle. Request to join, let Tamara know you heard about it on The Local Method Podcast and after a criminal record check you are in. ;)

Request to Join The Facebook Group here: Instant Author Academy


Tamara PatzerTamara (Tami) Patzer is creator of Ask Tami! She answers questions about social media, new media and current trends in internet marketing. If you have questions, Ask Tami!

Tami’s Background

With Tami’s experience in Mass Communications, teaching and media, she developed Total Audience Market Immersion (TAMI). She helps authors, experts and businesses dominate most search engines within hours.

Internet Marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing marketing methods to gain results and market share in your chosen business or profession. What I love about Total Audience Market Immersion is that I can help everyone achieve their goals – more business which equals more customers/clients which equal a better bottom line.

Total Audience Market Immersion (TAMI) is a win-win situation for all concerned that helps people get real results fast.

Visit Tami at: www.AskTami.tv . You can watch what she calls her “my evidence” videos on her Facebook Page: Total Audience Market Immersion. Call her personally at 941-421-6563.

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