028 The Local Method – Using Google Plus Local As A Lead Generation Tool – The New iPhone & Your Business

by Albert on September 29, 2012


On this episode of the show my guest is Steve Querio of Upward climb and we are going to be talking about Using Google Plus Local as a Lead Generation Tool. We also look at the what the new iPhone and it’s new operating system means for your business and I talk about how I am about to go into super productive mode.

What The New iPhone & iOS 6 Mean To Your Local Business

Apple has just released it’s new iPhone 5 and it has already sold 5 Million units in the first week. These numbers are impressive. But what does it mean for you, a business owner?

The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 uses an improved voice controlled assistant named Siri. She responds to your commands faithfully. She will even tell you where the best places to buy your products and services are if you ask her. This means as millions of people start to use Siri to find where they should eat a great meal, hire a photographer or get their next Chiropractic adjustment, you better hope your business is going to be one of the one she recommends. That’s a bloody important thing to know.

Siri is using a service called Yelp to provide the answers to people’s questions. That means your business had better be signed up for this free service to be included in the fun and in the profits.

Go to www.Yelp.com or www.Yelp.ca and create an account and fill it out completely. Then get your customers to leave you reviews there.

If you need help you can search Google or you can contact me albert@thelocalmethod.com and we can set up a call to see how I can help.

How I Plan To Be More Productive

My own office is finally being built in an un-used space in my home. Soon I will be able to go to my own quiet space and work on my podcasts, screencasts, videos and local business consulting.

During the podcast I talk about what I am really want out of my office. (It’s probably not what you think). Click the link below to see how Gideon Shalwick inspired some ideas for my new office space.

Video: Gideon’s Cool Office Layout

Using Google Plus Local as a Lead Generation Tool

As a business owner you will want to hear Steve Querio and I talk about what is working today for getting more business from the internet. Here are some highlights of the interview.

  • What Steve did before he became a local business consultant.
  • What Lead Generation is and why it’s the life-blood of any company.
  • Why Google Plus Local is a key part of lead-generation today.
  • Why it’s important to have a strategy and use the tools to get the most out of your marketing online.
  • What website rank is and how it fits into the puzzle.
  • Why it’s important to get customer reviews and why a bad review isn’t going to sink you business.

Steve Querio is owner of Innova Group, LLC, and directs its primary program called Upward Climb.

Upward Climb provides local business marketing including business lead generation, PPC Marketing and PPC Management, business reputation management, and business authority boost.

With a background as a health professional, business owner and entrepreneur, he has worked to develop affordable and effective marketing systems to generate the ability for businesses to find more prospects, engage them and convert them.
Upward Climb


Upward Climb works with businesses to create customized programs including Google Places and Google Plus Local optimization, PPC marketing and PPC management, business lead generation, reputation management, online customer reviews and other local business marketing services.

Website: www.UpWardClimb.com

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