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by Albert on October 5, 2012


On today’s episode I am sharing an interview done with me by Dustin Hartzler of Your WordPress Engineer about the favorite tools I use in my business. I will be giving you an update on the construction of my new office and you will hear about some presentations I’m going to be giving this month.

My favorite tools

Q: Do I use a Mac or a PC?  
A: 90% Mac and 10% PC. What the biggest concerns I had when I was making my transition from Mac to PC was the software compatibility. I also worry about having to learn a new way of doing things. During our chat I talk about how that switch went and how it wasn’t as hard as I would’ve originally thought.

Q: What program do I use for editing HTML?
A: when I first began my journey online on the PC I used a free HTML editing program called Kompozer. Many of the people I was learning from where using it so they offered many tips on how to get the best out of the program. At that time I was doing something called squeeze pages. It was just a simple HTML webpage online where people could sign up for a free report.

When I made my switch to the Mac 2 1/2 years ago I started using a free program called Sea Monkey for HTML editing. Nowadays most of my work is with WordPress.

Markdown is a text-based script, so to speak, that allows me to easily create and keep a consistent HTML format to insert into my WordPress blog posts. It really isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Learn more about it here: Markdown Syntax

Byword is the Mac only editor that allows me to input my markdown text. It is iCloud synced and I have versions on my iPhone and my iPad. It allows me to preview my HTML right from within the application.

Q: What FTP client am I using?
A: In my PC days I was using the Firefox adding called fireFTP. I still recommend that for people that are on the PC. It’s free, it’s simple and it works. I’ve recently started using a Mac program called Forklift. I purchased the program as part of a 10 app bundle. Dustin confesses in the interview he purchased the app for $0.99. What a deal.

Q: What do I use for an image editor?
A: Luckily I was able to talk about more than one because I do use several image editors. Each one has some unique features that are called upon for certain projects.

Pixemator is my favorite Mac-based, full featured image editor. It is 99% of what most people need without having to buy a full copy of Photoshop. The support for the product is incredible. There are many folks online creating videos and blog posts how to use it. Incredibly it is only $14.99.

Snag-It is a premium image editor that is available on the Mac and the PC. I purchased the PC version 2 1/2 years ago for $49 and I do not regret it for a second. When you purchase a license you will have access to the PC and the Mac version for the one price. With Snag-it you can capture a whole webpage, a part of the screen or even the text on a webpage. Once it’s captured you have a lot of editing options. The graphic options which they use, called stamps, allow you to do mockups of Windows, Mac or iPhone UI’s. Plus a whole lot more.

Skitch is also an excellent option for capturing parts of your screen. Once captured you can annotate your picture with circles, arrows, text and now with the new update you can even blur out password fields, for example.

Q: What is my default web browser?
A: Chrome is what I use almost exclusively these days. I really like the way it allows me to have all of my bookmarks and tabs available once I signed in. Even if I’m on a different computer.

When on my iPhone I do Safari because of its built-in integration with the iPhone. I am not a big fan of browsing on my phone for more than a page or two.

LastPass is a password utility that will generate encrypted passwords for all of your logins. I added this utility in the browser section because it’s a plug-in that you could to all of your browsers.

Do you hate it when you get to a webpage and they want you to fill in about 15 different pieces of information including your email? With last pass you could create the prefilled form and then press one button and have all those fields automatically populated anytime you come across a page like that.

Q: Do I use any productivity apps?
A: Siri with the reminders app on the iPhone 4s. In the GTD philosophy you want to get as much out of your head and into a location where you could deal with it at a later more suitable time. Siri combined with the reminders app lets you handle this almost effortlessly.

Things is an excellent app that is available on the Mac iPad and iPhone. It is a GTD based system that helps you stay organized. Just this last week the folks at cultured code announced that Things is now compatible with Siri. This allows you to dictate your reminders into a special reminders list and have it import right into your Things inbox. This is going to be another timesaver.

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