031 The Local Method – What Is A Responsive Website With Your Website Engineer

by Albert on November 2, 2012


On this weeks episode of the local method we are talking with Wordpress website developer Dustin Hartzler from Dayton Ohio. You may remember Dustin from a couple episodes back where he interviewed me on his podcast. I am happy to have him on my show this time.

Let’s Talk Some More About WordPress

I have had other WordPress developers on the show before and you may be wondering why I have you another one. I strongly believe having a WordPress website for a business is critical. And every developer brings their own twist to the way they create and use WordPress website. It can only help in hearing these different perspectives.

There is a new buzzword online regarding websites these days. The word is “Responsive” websites and it has nothing to do with conversion. (Converting your visitors into customers). It has everything to do with being able to view your website on any device. A smartphone, iPad, computer screen or any handheld device. In our interview you will hear how important this new technology is.

Dustin also talks about how he became a WordPress developer full-time. To the outsider his daily activity may seem very boring. But to him his bliss is sitting in front of his computer and developing fantastic websites.

Today because of the power of the Internet Dustin can be in his office and communicate with clients all over North America.

Here are some of the topics we discuss in the interview.

  • The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • Why you don’t have to learn how to code to use WordPress
  • Since WordPress is open source there are hundreds and thousands of people making it better all the time.
  • Dustin shares how he was able to make changes to his website while traveling overseas this summer
  • How it’s possible to convert a non-WordPress website to a WordPress website
  • The easiest way to get started out with WordPress – purchasing a high quality theme from a place like Woo Themes, Theme Forest or iThemes
  • The miss conception behind the term “Blogging”
  • How WordPress allows multiple contributors to participate in the website
  • How business owners can create fantastic content for their website visitors – ask your sales people what the top 10 questions your customers have
  • Some of the top built-in features of WordPress – built in comments, plug-ins, testimonial plug-ins, SEO plugins
  • What something called Responsive Web Design is and why everybody with the website has to take notice

Our Favorite WordPress Plugin

One of Dustin’s favorite plug-ins, and the one that I use, is called Backup Buddy. It’s a plug-in that backs up your WordPress sites automatically at intervals that you set up. It also allows you to transfer your websites easily from host to host. Dustin and I highly recommend this plug-in.

A little about Dustin Hartzler

I want to help you to create professional looking web sites using WordPress. WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) that you can create more than a blog, but a full featured website, plus it is extremely simple to keep updated with an online update feature.

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Great podcast gentlemen especially the information on the Backup Buddy.  Thank-you www.GeorgeDunlap.com

Albert_Hathazi moderator

@Salesguy George, thanks so much. @dustinhartzler and I appreciate the great work you did almost selling out our webinar a few weeks ago. I am glad to hear the webinar has inspired some business owners to take some action and create Facebook Pages for their businesses. It warms me inside. :)

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