I am Albert Hathazi and I  am the producer of The Local Method podcast. My wife and 2 children make our home in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Over the last three years I have become fancinated with the opportunity the internet has presented to entreprenuers. I created the show to help local business owners and professionals learn how to become market leaders. This podcast is my unique way sharing that information with you.

This podcast is a living example of what I teach as I continue to build my consulting business. Market Leadership is having something that sets you apart from the competition. Hint: It isn’t price. If fact market leaders can charge more and people will gladly pay it.

Come along with me as I share what I learn and we can grow our businesses together.

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I do offer marketing consulting services for local businesses and professionals. I invite you to take the Free Market Leadership Audit to learn more about how I can help you get more business. You will also find contact information below.

Interested on being a guest on the podcast? Contact me.

Phone: 807–630–1310
Email: albert@thelocalmethod.com

Thanks so much for reading this and for listening to the show. I hope to interact with you soon.

All The Best,