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How To Use A Virtual Assistant To Produce Your Podcast

Jonathan Shank is my guest this time on Let’s Talk New Media Expo.

Jonathan is a master of teaching people how to use virtual assistants in their businesses. He even has a podcast at www. YourFirstVirtualAssistant.com you can tune into.

I want to be clear that virtual assistants (VA’s) can be used not just for podcasting but for regular brick and mortar businesses as well. In fact, Jonathan’s job has been doing just that.


Perfecting His Presentation For New Media Expo

Jonathan has put together a topic for new media Expo called How To Use A Virtual Assistant To Produce Your Podcast. He went about setting up his talk very cleverly. expired domain names . A couple months prior to new media Expo he had a small group of people go through a version of his talk which was basically a small course to iron out the bugs.

Here are some of the highlights from our interview

* Getting yours podcast show notes done for $5-$7
* Using Virtual Assistants to do your research
* Using Virtual Assistants for audio engineering
* Using the APPLE method to work with VA’s
* Looking for all-star VA’s


How Am I Going To Use A Virtual Assistant?

In the interview you’ll hear me ask Jonathan to hold me accountable as I commit to using a virtual assistant in my podcast workflow before the end of January 2013.

You can find more about Jonathan and how to use VA’s in your business at at the links below.


Jonathan’s NMX speaker page
Your First Virtual Assistant Website
Your First Virtual Assistant Podcast
Jonathan on Twitter



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