On this first episode of the year I get back to my roots with the show’s format.

In this episode I talk about my fantastic experience in Las Vegas at an New Media Expo (NMX). It was incredible to hook up with so many pod casters and content creators. All of the sessions I attended were fantastic. But the good stuff happens in the hallways and at the after parties. It’s when you can shake someone’s hand and talk to someone face-to-face where the friendship is really created.

I even got my picture taken with Leo Laporte and Guy Kawasaki.

It was really cool attending the podcast awards. It was a packed house as Leo Laporte presented the awards. I think even he was just surprised to see the turn out. It’s amazing to see the variety of different podcasts out there. Some of the shows have been running since 2005.

I thought I would bring you an Extended Edition of the show this week with two separate interviews.

The Podcast Answer Man Drops In

My friend Cliff Ravenscraft dropped by the studio via Skype just before I left for Vegas. It was only days before my flight that I recorded this interview. We talk about what to expect on the up coming new media Expo and about his presentation.

You’ll get a lot of insights from the interview as you hear how Cliff has built some of his communities.

Some Interview Highlights

  • Why each and every listener is important. (Or Every Customer)
  • How Cliff became the man in charge of the Podcasting track for NMX
  • How to use Twitter to build a “hungry for your content” following
  • And more…

Cliff has built his community one member at a time. Now, he is one of the most sought-after Podcast teachers in the world.

While in Las Vegas a group of podcasters sat around the table with a digital recorder and we recorded a whole episode of the podcast answer man. I am proud to say I was one of them. It was one of my highlights of my trip to Las Vegas.

You can you could check that out at this link: Late Night Podcast

There is one unfortunate thing to do with this interview and it really bug me. I changed the set up of my computer moments before I connected with Cliff on that day I interviewed him. Some static that I had never heard before creeped its ugly head onto the recording. Unfortunately, you’ll hear it in a few places on the interview.

A Podcaster’s Friend

While on the expo floor in Vegas I played reporter. I interviewed Dave Mansueto from the BossJock app. The interview you here on the podcast was recorded entirely on the BossJock app on my iPhone with a handheld microphone by iRig.

Dave and I have been connecting on Twitter ever since Blog World in New York last year in June. We had some time to chat while in Vegas. I really enjoyed hearing about his passion for recording. He himself is a musician, a Quiz Show Host in Pittsburgh and one of the founders of Libsyn. He knows his stuff.

The Resource of The Week

My resource of the beak beak can be none other than the BossJock app itself. It truly can be one of the only apps you need to create your recordings or even your full blown podcast.

Here are some of the features right from their site:

Podcasters, Voiceover Artists, DJs, this is your app. Life without fan noise is good!

  • Record a podcast while triggering intros/outros, bumpers and background music all on-the-fly
  • Dynamics processing (Compression/Limiting) is applied to the mic and mix for loud, level audio
  • Up to 35 audio carts duck and fade behind the mic for dynamic sound and smooth transitions
  • Audio is Podcast ready, no need for post production.
  • Load carts with audio from your Music Library, Dropbox, Email, Wifi or AudioPaste from other music apps
  • Send your recordings out via FTP, Dropbox, Soundcloud, iTunes, Wifi, iTunes Share, AudioCopy and Email
  • Encodes to all your favorite formats – mp3, m4a, wav, aiff
  • Works with external mics like the Apogee Mic, IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast and Blue Mikey
  • Full VoiceOver compatibility for visually impaired producers
  • Optimized for every iOS device. Perfect for the iPad Mini!
  • Turnkey publishing for Podcasters, Audioboo and Soundcloud Producers, Voice Over artists, Audio Bloggers and Mobile Broadcasters

Check out the BossJock app from the App Store

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The Local MethodOn today’s episode we will be talking about top five tips for graphic designers or any business for that matter.  This episode contains some good information about branding and design as I interview a graphics designer from here in Thunder Bay. There are a couple of really cool announcements as well.


Graphics Design Here In Thunder Bay


I’m excited to be my second interview of a business from my hometown. This is something I am trying to more of. I want to hear what is going through the minds of local businesses. How did they get to where they are today and how are they using social media? These and other questions are going to be answered on this weeks show.

A few months ago Travis and I ended up going out for coffee at our local Starbucks after connecting with me on Twitter. Since then we have stayed in touch. After our last meeting at Starbucks I asked him if he would be kind enough to come on the show and share some of his real life business experience with my listeners. He agreed.

About a month after our first meeting Travis surprised the heck out of me as he took the information in a book I talked about with him and put it into action. The book was Built To Sell by John Warrillow (link). Since I was a subscriber to his email newsletter I noticed he had created a process he called “Logo +”. In the Podcast we talk about what Logo + is and how it could help his clients and how it could help his business. 


Top Five Tips For Graphic Designers


During the Podcast Travis also offers us his top five tips for graphic designers. These tips can be applied to any business. So, even if you’re not a graphics designer think about how you can adjust these tips for you.

  1. Pricing: Make sure you’re losing on some of the jobs you bid on
  2. Networking: Make sure you’re annoying someone
  3. Keep getting better, even if it’s by minuscule increments
  4. Use Freshbooks
  5. Never design something that sucks


My Small Business Week Speaking Gig


I’m happy to say that I just firmed up some details about my presentation at small business week in October. I recently had coffee with Ryan from the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce and we have  narrowed it down to a couple possible topics. It was over a year ago I first offered to do a free workshop for Chamber Members so needless to say I am pumped to finally be able to present.

I am considering sharing that information with listeners of the podcast and members of the The Local Method Market Leadership email newsletter. Have you signed up yet?

I still have a couple of months prepare so look for more details on the blog here as we get closer to October.


A Special Thank You


I also want to give a special thank to the folks that have taken a few minutes out of their busy day to leave me a rating and review in iTunes. I thank you and appreciate it.

Firstly having you listen to the show means a lot to me and second, the reviews go along way in spreading and sharing the message of the Podcast with more people.

Canadian iTunes

American iTunes

Be sure to check out these fine folks by clicking on the links to their Podcasts.

*Note: I noticed I gave an incorrect address in my completed Podcast and it was too late to change it. The correct address is to contact me.

Here’s a little more about this weeks guest…..

Travis Ulrich is the owner of Ulrich Design; A graphic design company in Thunder Bay, that specializes in Identity & Branding. Ulrich Design uses a process called Logo+ (“logo plus”) in which a client’s Logo is designed using Ulrich Design’s 5-Step Logo Design Process and then the “+” branded items are designed. You can view Ulrich Design’s website at: Follow Travis on Twitter: @ulrichdesign

Travis has lived in Thunder Bay since 2000. He graduated from Lakehead University where he double-majored in Marketing and General Business Management. Travis also coaches Midget hockey and blogs about his coaching experiences.

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